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Create an open feel, protect against faded fabric, and deflect summertime heat with A-1 Awning Discounters aluminum awnings. We offer FREE estimates in Baltimore, MD, awning design, and installation services.

Update your home with an awning


Our experienced crew will install awnings above your window to protect your home from the high summer sun while letting in the winter sun which is lower in the sky. It is common sense, energy efficiency at its finest. The energy efficiency of aluminum awnings are a smart money-saving investment for many years to come.


Save on energy costs with aluminum awnings

• Rot-free

• Stain and fade resistant

• Custom fit to any window

• 22 color options

• Last indefinitely with proper care

• Block the summer sun

• Let in winter sun

We serve Baltimore City and County, Anne Arundel,  Harford, Howard, and Carroll Counties

Aluminum awnings can reduce the summertime temperature  in your home as much as 15%. With 22 colors to choose from, you can be sure your new awnings will fit the décor of your house and, can last indefinitely with the proper care.

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Benefits of awnings:

Enhance your home

Aluminum awnings will let light into your home without fading your curtains. Unlike canvas, aluminum awnings are white on the interior, greatly increasing the reflective light into your home. Aluminum awnings won’t rot and, with proper care, could last a lifetime. Aluminum is an environmentally-friendly product which can last indefinitely and enhance the beauty and uniqueness of your home.  

Protect your home with aluminum awnings

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